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The 1% Better Principle - The Mindset of Change

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2016

Hey everyone, Coach Matt here.

How many of you out there have tried to do something in the past to improve your health, lose weight, etc?  

Lord knows there are an infinite number of 'solutions' out there from calorie counting, dieting, super secretive supplements and workout programs that only the stars should know about, miracle shakes, super foods, you name it.  Chances are you have tried most if not all of these, and for some reason you never saw the success you were looking for.

Why is that?  

Well there are a lot of factors that probably contributed to the lack of success with some of the above mentioned 'solutions', but chances the biggest factor was mindset.  

See that is the problem with almost every product or program out there on the market today.  They give you rules to follow, tasks to do, lists of foods to eat, and exercises to do, but they don't equip you with the behaviors, habits, and most importantly the mindset to be successful.  

What's the end result?  

What you end up with is this shiny new plan or set of expectations, and it all seems wonderful for about a week until you miss a meal, or you break down and eat the wrong thing, or heavens forbid you just have an "up" day on the scale. 

Next thing you know your feeling immediately discouraged.  You didn't give it 100%, and damn it 90% just won't do!  That discouraged feeling turns to fear of failure and within a week or two you have stopped trying altogether.  

See the problem is you went from 0 to 100% in a day, which is simply not possible or sustainable I don't care who you are!  That will always result in failure 100% of the time.  

Enter, "The 1% Better Principle".  

The 1% better principle is about celebrating small successes.  Little 1% efforts that add up to 100% over time.  This is where instead of going from 0% to 100% in a day and feeling like a failure when you can't deliver, you get to be excited for something for a change!

In practice, its like instead of saying to yourself "ok, I am going to eat nothing but whole foods, count every calorie, run 5 miles, hit the gym for 45 minutes, and get a full 8 hours of sleep every day", your really going to say something like "hmmmm, yesterday I had turkey bacon for breakfast, what if I have a couple of eggs with some egg whites today instead of the turkey bacon".  

You see what I did there?  Instead of setting myself up for failure with a laundry list of tasks that I could never accomplish, I found one little 1% improvement to make.  And by golly I am going to celebrate that success!

But wait Matt, Why the hell would I want to worry about 1% vs. 100%?  How will I ever get to my goal 1% at a time?!

Well, let me pose the same question in a different way.  If I said to you that you could give 100% for 7 days, get burnt out, and then give 0% for the rest of the year, OR you could get 1% better everyday for a year because its manageable, what would you choose?

100% for 7 days and 0% for the rest of the year because you got burnt out doesn't get you very far does it?

But, 1% better every day for a year makes you feel like a rockstar!

The point is guys, if you want to make serious change in your health, your body, and your life, you have to do it in a way that is feasable.  I know we all want it right now today!  But if we always chase the fast route, we always end up with the same thing...nothing.  

That is why I am a nutrition COACH.  Instead of asking for 100% from my clients and making them feel like crap when they only give 90% or 75%, I ask them for 1% a day.  

If you want to learn more about my coaching methods and how I can help you improve 1% everyday for the next year to change your life for good, then shoot me an email at [email protected] and we'll set up a consultation.

Until then keep it healthy!

Coach Matt


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